Contributing Artists Network

    We are a company BYGART framed in the cultural sector where our main objective is to promote internationally the work of our Contributing Artists Network.

    BYGART offers a service to all artists wishing to exhibit their works in our art gallery as well as making the dissemination of their works through different communication channels. Our goal is that it focuses on artist create their work and make us reach the public.

    Cost for the artist: 35 € subscription three months, 60 six-month subscription € or 100 € annual subscription by bank transfer to account: 2104 0392 54 9159736544 (holder GIRÓ BERMÚDEZ & ART, SL)

    Following steps show you the steps to follow to join our team of collaborating artists:

    1, Register as a user on the "My Account"

    2 º Click the following link: "Request for artist collaborator" to communicate that wish to join our network of collaborating artists.

    3 ° After more than 24 hours you will receive your registration as "Registered Artist".

    4 º Once identified in "My Account" you get a new section called "Item Management" where you can start to register their works in BYGART.

    If you would like further information or to make any type of consultation you can contact us in the "Contact" in the email or on the phone (+34) 951 014 685

    We hope their next collaboration.

    "A painter is a man who paints what he sells. An artist, however, is a man who sells what he paints." Pablo Picasso
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