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     Soul Eclipse
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    Eclipse of the heart or soul is a timed situation where the energy of the soul, understood as the unit not further divisible essence of God, voluntarily stopped its function, inserting a gap between itself and the material ... As well as in outer space when a celestial body with no light of their own faces an eclipse of the star to which it belongs, going down for a short period of time in the cold, in the dark, in the absence of light and life, and comes to life again only when light, heat and energy back to beat .... Similarly happens spiritually and soul level ... This makes the soul to valorize and to understand the weight of his absence .... Something much more tragic and dangerous for whom and for what does not shine by its own light, happens when and if moves away from the power source at the risk of getting lost in the vacuum of space, in the dark, in the cold, where the evil will soon have free reign to act ... And ... all the stars will be far away.
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